मंगलवार, 25 दिसंबर 2012

send in your suggestions

send in your suggestion for reforms in the laws for crimes on abuse of women, women's rights

fax :  011 23092675
email :  justice.verma@nic.in

I have sent in a few . my suggestions are also here : link 

just hope this  "once upon a time this was a great nation" will again become "a great one" some day......

please write a post on this on 1st jan 2013

stop playing petty politics and slandering your opponents, and come together for this cause.

don't dilute it by talking of other personal disagreements and hatreds,

this time will not come back,

this is a chance when the youth sitting drenched with cold water cannons on delhi streets in the cold foggy nights have provided us a chance to DO SOMETHING -

don't let it slip by