रविवार, 27 नवंबर 2011

The magical sandy shore

It was beautiful at the beach - the shifting silky sands. She sat at the edge of the waves - enjoying the gentle lapping of the cool waters on her feet, almost as if her loving pet puppy was playing at her feet .... but no - this was the sea playing with her - she reminded herself , not darling timmy!! Wave after wave curled at her feet,barely reaching them as it spent itself.....

She waded in deeper - the hard wet sands giving way to a cool shifting silkiness. Wriggling her toes happily, she giggled to herself .... unaware of the world ..... celebrating life. The sand sparked, and the waves danced ..... the magical diamonds in the sands flashing and glinting in the dancing sun rays. It was wonderful, wondrous!! She knew perfectly well  that there was only sand there, and these stones wouldn't be half as beautiful if she carried them home. But no diamonds could ever flash brighter than these stones mixed with the sand particles, no pearls could glitter more enticingly!!!!! This was heaven , her own personal heaven.... no one to call her, no waiting world....She dug into the treasure with her fingers under the wave, and brought out a handful of the sparkling diamonds .....

The sand oozed out of her unresisting fingers .... that was all it was .... this magical world - this treasure of precious diamonds and pearls ..... just a MAGICAL MESS OF MUD!!!!!

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