शनिवार, 26 नवंबर 2011

The Politician and the Horsefly

Once a politician was being driven by a farmer in a buggy. A Horsefly started circling the politician's head.
He asked the farmer, "What insect is this?"
The farmer replied "A horsefly"

P: "What is a horsefly"
F: "An insect which circles the heads of horses, mules and jackasses"

P: (Angrily) "You mean I am a horse?"
F: "No sir"

P: (Still more angrily) "Then you are calling me a mule??"
F (Little irritated, but hiding it) "No sir, I didn't mean that either."

P: (Infuriated) "Are you calling me a jackass???"
F: (Thoroughly irritated now) "No sir. I am not calling you any of those things sir. ..... But you see, you can't fool a horsefly".............

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